First; principal; chief; leading. First in order of time, or development, or in intention.
As to primary conveyance
- primary election
- primary obligation
- primary vein, see those titles
@ primary activity
Concerted action such as a strike or picketing directed against the employer with whom it has a dispute.
Compare secondary activity
@ primary allegation
The opening pleading in a suit in the ecclesiastical court. It is also called a "primary plea."
@ primary beneficiary
In life insurance, the person named in the policy who is to receive the proceeds on the death of the insured if such person is alive. If deceased, the proceeds are payable to a secondary beneficiary also designated as such in the policy
@ primary boycott
Action by a union by which it tries to induce people not to use, handle, transport or purchase goods of an employer with which the union has a grievance.
See also boycott
@ primary disposal of the soil
In acts of congress admitting territories as states, and providing that no laws shall be passed interfering with the primary disposal of the soil, this means the disposal of it by the United States government when it parts with its title to private persons or corporations acquiring the right to a patent or deed in accordance with law
@ primary election
A preliminary election for the nomination of candidates for office or of delegates to a party convention, designed as a substitute for party conventions. Such elections are classified as closed or open depending on whether or not tests of party affiliation are required.
+ primary election
An election by the voters of a ward, precinct, or other small district, belonging to a particular party, of representatives or delegates to a convention which is to meet and nominate the candidates of their party to stand at an approaching municipal or general election. Also, an election to select candidates for office by a political organization, the voters being restricted to the members or supporters of such organization. An election, preliminary in nature, the purpose being to narrow in number the candidates that will appear on the final, official ballot.
@ primary evidence
Primary evidence means original or first-hand evidence; the best evidence that the nature of the case admits of; the evidence which is required in the first instance, and which must fail before secondary evidence can be admitted. That evidence which the nature of the case or question suggests as the proper means of ascertaining the truth. It is the particular means of proof which is the most natural and satisfactory of which the case admits, and includes the best evidence which is available to a party and procurable under the existing situation, and all evidence falling short of such standard, and which in its nature suggests there is better evidence of the same fact, is "secondary evidence."
See also best evidence
@ primary insurance coverage
Coverage whereby, under terms of policy, liability attaches immediately upon happening of occurrence that gives rise to liability. Olympic Ins. Co. v. Employers Surplus Lines Ins. Co., 126 C.A.3d 593, 178 Cal.Rptr. 908, 910
@ primary jurisdiction
Doctrine of "primary jurisdiction" provides that where the law vests in an administrative agency the power to decide a controversy or treat an issue, the courts will refrain from entertaining the case until the agency has fulfilled its statutory obligation. Sunflower Elec. Co-op., Inc. v. Kansas Power and Light Co., C.A.Kan., 603 F.2d 791, 796.
he doctrine does not involve jurisdiction in the technical sense, but it is a doctrine predicated on an attitude of judicial self-restraint and is applied when the court feels that the dispute should be handled by an administrative agency created by the legislature to deal with such problems. Kerr v. Department of Game, 14 Wash.App. 427, 542 P.2d 467, 469.
- primary liability
@ primary market
In finance, the market where the initial sale by the issuer of new securities occurs; in contrast with secondary market where previously issued securities are traded
Compare secondary market
- primary obligation
@ primary powers
The principal authority given by a principal to his agent. It differs from "mediate powers." Primary purpose. That which is first in intention; which is fundamental. The principal or fixed intention with which an act or course of conduct is undertaken

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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